Electromagnetic Biology / Biofield Physiology / The Science of Energy Medicine in a Nutshell

I find it difficult to articulate the importance of the emerging science of electromagnetic biology / biofield physiology. For a lab report recently I wrote a quick, uncareful summary of key ideas. I realized it was a reasonably good brief intro. The references below are only a sampling of a vast body of research consisting of thousands of peer-reviewed papers written by scientists from around the world. Without further ado:

Herbert Fröhlich hypothesizes that living systems are quantum coherent (Jaeken 2012).

Various authors starting with Popp have shown that living cells emit biophotons, which are individual photons of squeezed, coherent light (Popp 1988).

Preparata shows within the theoretical framework of quantum electrodynamics (QED) that the usually neglected long-range quantized electromagnetic field can exert long-range forces even in non-laser systems (Preparata 1989).

Pokorny et al. provide evidence that the source of a coherence-inducing quantized EMF may be coherent oscillations of microtubules and mitochondria (Pokorny 2012).

Pollack et al. show that water adsorbed onto hydrophilic surfaces has physical properties that are distinctly different from those of bulk water (Pollack 2006). These properties are likely also present inside cells, and this may be key to reduce the damping of the coherent oscillations of microtubules.

Del Guidice et al. extend Preparata’s work and show that water transmits the quantized EMF and that living systems may use coherence for a variety of important functions, including long-range attraction of dipolar biomolecules, coordination of biochemical reactions in specific space-time coordinates, supply of semi-free electrons to power biochemical reactions like in superfluid He4, and long-range inter and intracellular communication (Del Guidice 1988, 2010). This emerging science of electromagnetic biology, also known as biofield physiology, has demonstrated clear evidence of novel biophysical mechanisms that may be integral to human physiology and pathology.




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