The Inventor of MRI Believed in Structured / EZ Water

Damadian, the guy who “invented” the MRI (from NMR), came up with the idea for the MRI because he knew about structured water and how important it is for normal cell function. He correctly predicted that the water inside cancer cells is less structured and more like ordinary bulk water that comes out of the faucet compared to healthy cells. That’s true, and that’s how MRIs detect cancer.
“These authors have independently concluded that the decreased NMR relaxation times observed for cell water relative to distilled water are due to the existence of a highly ordered fraction of cell water…”
“[This] is presumably due to the adsorption of water molecules at macromolecular interfaces, findings that are consistent with the proposal by Ling…”
(Gilbert Ling was the granddaddy of an alternative water-based theory of cell physiology.)
So to anyone who holds the idea of structured/ordered/EZ/coherent water in contempt prior to investigating it, keep in mind that MRIs can detect cancer because the water inside cancer cells is more disordered than the water in normal cells. And, the guy who came up with the idea for the MRI had the idea because he was a firm believer in structured water!
Whether or not this higher-entropy water is part of what causes cancers and whether we can use this information to treat cancers more effectively than we do know is a different question. But my two cents is that it’s foolish to assume that it’s just an insignificant side-effect.

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